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Michael Brandon born February 9, is an American, pornographic actor and director formerly exclusive to Raging Stallion Studios who specializes in gay pornography. He has had his own subdivision at Raging Stallion called "Monster Bang" [1] and has previously participated in some charitable efforts. Brandon helped set up Raging Stallion Studios and has stated that he started in porn after answering an ad in Frontiers magazine.

Brandon appeared in nearly films between and , and he eventually directed his own line of films known as the "MonsterBang videos". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michael Brandon. Huntington Beach, California , United States. Dallas Voice.

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Stop thinking people want your cock! They don't cause if they did your "so-called" fans would have raised funds for you to have a legal defense! They do not love you so quit worrying about them you asshole! What you want is sympathy and a world where you do not work or contributr, party like hell and get on the cover of magazines as a "VICTIM" - - Michael you are your own victim and deserve life in prison! Poppers are not welcom in NA or AA! Brandon has been lying for years and years! He has also been a nasty little thief!

However when you get to know him you find an arrogant, uneducated, vain, self-centred arse! He makes up excuses that "with a 10" cock" he can only "fuck for a living" because "the world won't let him do nay thing else!

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Also nowadays there are several larger and prettier penises in gay porn so step aside monster! You are thru! Brandon has given AIDS to 10s of s of people who he also robbed money from. He thinks being a hooker has some glamour and self-worth qualities to it too!

He has gotten many year olds hooked on both pornography and drugs both are pretty bad! He is a public nuissance and a troublemaker! Let me tell you: Reminds me of pathetic Ryan Idol!

Poor porn star Michael Brandon is past it

That is if you can afford a plane ticket to Massachusetts! God you are stupid! Anything negative about Michael Brandon is Bullshit because Michael is obligated to do porno because of his dick size! He owes this to the world and has no choice! He gets under pressure and has to do drugs because that is the only way to cope in life! Lay off him! The problem is that Michael is such a big star that he needs the drugs to manage his life so give him a break!

We all do these substances and get busted from time to time and then we manage and get through it! Afterall, look at what happened to poor Ryan Idol. Millions of people owe their very existence to what michael has done with his large penis! The world is such a better place because of this! You do not understand that people are jealous of his stardom and big penis and they have to do and say nasty things to cope. Michael is forgiving though and forgives all of them while he slams and toots. That is wha slamming and tooting is for though!

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  • Michael is a victim cause in San Francisco there are no human services, no HIV case management and yes bois he doee got that disease alson with the other sickness! You see, Michael had no choice; he was forced to use and forced to undo his anti-meth work of because the world was mean to him and put lots of pressure on this poor fellow! Lastly, because Michael has so many fans, he has to do drugs in order to manage them and the time demands they put on him. He has to do drugs to stay hard and take care of his fans. Any way, getting arrested is no big deal! Everyone who is anyone has been arrested and done time!

    I mean that is part of being an important person! Give the guy a break, he is so wonderful and loving and fucks everyone with love! He deserves nothing but unconditional love and tons of awards for his world-changing wonderful work in the pornography industry! He would never ever call them or volunteer an interview! Michael deserves anonymity so lay off people and just love this wonderful guy who deserves your love no matter what! Also, Michael did so much work to get men off Meth so he now has the right to use and sell all the meth he want!

    Because People should know to do what Michael Brandon says not what he does! I mean come on this is mere logic!

    He stole from me too! He said that times were tough and if he could advertise as an escort on my former website: This was an escort review site. Jones died of a heart attack in but used to call me about his former friend Michael Brandon and the mean things he Brandon would say and do to him.

    He really took me. I have copies of most the negative reviews and to get even I might post them on the net so his hypnotized fans can see how bad he really is. Oh he's a disgusting pig! Further, he gots bad skin and hair growin n weird places. I wish I knew what kind of cologne he uses cause it is like a combo of urine, sewage acid, and rotting eggs, cabbage and onions rolled in2 1 bad smell! And u ever geta load of his teeth - yuck! No one wants this man porno star or not And all this is thanks to the inability to learn to stay out of trouble with the law and to allow obsession with drugs rule his life!

    Drugs are Brandon's higher power - period! I am a performer in the industry and did a film last year at Michael's studio of choice RS, I met Michael and he seemed kind and shy actually. Here is the deal. Addiction is a disease PERIOD, it leaves a trail of destruction and those in current addiction are delusional, not because they are bad , but because they are sick. I am not the household Porn name that Michael is , I went in did my job and didn't participate in the after hour parties every weekend that seem to be a "requirement" in the industry, if you are over 35 and are on a go go cage at am something tells me that's more than RED BULL in your system!!!.

    I try and mentor young guys a bit and tell them that once they change their name and go into porn , they are no longer who they were and human nature cause many in the gay community many people to over inflate and then enjoy popping the bubble just as much ,,,,,,. As they exit the courthouse into the warming August morning, Brandon and Monzon are walking hand in hand.

    They decide to grab some food at the McDonald's next door, and invite the reporter along. By the time Brandon has ordered Southern-style chicken biscuits and chosen a rickety, isolated table at the back of the restaurant, his relief at retaining his freedom seems to have given way to self-criticism. He stares at the wobbling table, then says with a smirk, "I can relate. All the while, one of Brandon's cellphones — he has two, apparently — is buzzing with text messages.

    If this disturbs Monzon, it doesn't show on his boyishly handsome, lightly freckled face. Speaking in a lightning-fast Hispanic accent about his partner's weeks-at-a-time disappearances, be betrays no emotion. After a few months, he says, he simply got used to it. At the end of the meal, Brandon gazes at the floor, and rocks his upper body back and forth.

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