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Coinciding with this gentrification was a shift to online sex work, which many participants describe as creating heightened competition among workers and social isolation. The narratives suggest that losing the tight-knit community that had been established in Boystown has reduced the level of social support and solidarity among workers.

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One participant explains the atmosphere on the streets of Vancouver for men sex workers:. This city is quite cold on the streets. Like especially on the corners but like, since then you only see people by themselves so, just goes to show. About a year after the Olympics like I never went down the stroll again for working. Heightened competition online has forced some workers to consider other avenues for advertising and integrating sex work with more comprehensive services for clients, such as massage.

One worker describes his efforts to combat the online competition:.

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It was easier to hook in Calgary. Like put an ad in the paper or something like that. Some street-based workers reported that since being displaced from Boystown and the rise of online solicitation they have had a harder time attracting clients and, as a result, are earning less money.

The ensuing economic hardship may force workers to offer more services to increase their income, including services that are riskier. For one worker, losing Boystown has made finding clients so difficult that he has started including anal sex in the services he offers—a transition he has made reluctantly in the past year, as it carries a higher risk for HIV and STIs sexually transmitted infections:.

Prostitution in Vancouver Canada - Does it exist?

Both ways so. And I only started doing that because they shut [Boystown] down. I never had to do that my whole life. Things have slowed down. Boystown was shut down? And the Internet. For workers who have not made the transition to the Internet, the challenges on the street are exacerbated by the criminalized environment for sex work in Vancouver, and their safety and well-being are put in jeopardy. Narratives about the shutdown of Boystown were particularly laden with incidences of police violence and harassment. Street-based men sex workers were subjected to extreme experiences of police violence and harassment, especially just prior to or during the Winter Olympic games.

One Indigenous sex worker describes:.

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Lights on. Like jack your name up. And like what are you doing down here? You know that. Because of the cops, and the abuse that they would do. They do it a lot. No one will care about you. Kind of is the way. Given the vast overrepresentation of Indigenous sex workers in this study, and health and social inequities faced by Indigenous people, this narrative highlights the urgency of including the voices of Indigenous men sex workers in research and policy discussion and the need for Indigenous sex work—led research that includes men sex worker and buyer experiences.

Another worker described why his preference is to solicit online, particularly in regard to the heightened risks associated with working on the street. He commented on the amount of time and effort required to work online, which could potentially lead some workers to defer to the street in cases where a quicker turnaround is desired:. The security of doing a car date then [15 years ago] to doing a car date now is basically the same.

Both workers and clients who operate online expressed little concern about the legal aspects of sex work and rarely encountered police officers in any capacity, as both online advertising and purchasing of sex were not criminalized at the time of data collection:. Could be a police officer, kinda thing.

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If I found out if they could do that I would be worried. One of the most prominent themes to emerge from the narratives was that the shift from the street to online sex work provides sex workers with greater control over the terms of their work, enhancing safety and the ability to implement protective strategies. All participants noted that sex work for men in Vancouver now predominately takes place online. Many narratives referred to this transition to online solicitation coinciding specifically with the shutdown of the outdoor sex work stroll for men Boystown in the past several years.

An outcome of this transition is a more centralized and accessible space for the sex industry:. Online workers are able to choose from a wide range of websites and reach a much broader audience of potential clients than on the street. Workers reported that being online makes it easier to connect with buyers and has increased their overall income:. Working online is like a whole new world. All the male prostitutes were pretty much moved online. Soliciting for clients online enables sex workers to create online profiles detailing the terms of their services and the narratives relayed that many buyers also have online profiles; including photographs and detailed information about what type of experience they are looking for.

Having the opportunity to screen prospective clients based on their online presence prior to meeting can reduce the risk for violence, particularly if the sex worker wants to refuse the date. One worker explained why working online is safer than when he used to work on the street:. You either say nay or yay. And you can say no online and not worry about bringing retribution of violence right, so. Another worker, who identifies as heterosexual and provides services to men and women and has purchased sex from women , explained his screening process of potential clients:.

I read their email and I just, get a sense. Or I listen to them on the phone or their text and, I just generally get a sense of like, based on their grammar and their spelling and. Um, you know, like determine whether I wanna work with them or not. I mean, what kind of things are you wanting. One of the ways in which screening has been enhanced with the Internet is with the use of webcams.

Webcams can serve as valuable protective screening tools against workplace violence and workers reported meeting clients several times through webcams prior to meeting in person, and felt that this reduced the risk of finding themselves in violent situations:. I do live webcams. The advantages of connecting via the Internet, as compared with bars or the street, emerged throughout the narratives. Clients explained that arranging a date online often establishes clearer terms of the exchange, making it less likely that they would find themselves in a situation where they were not expecting to pay someone for sex:. Clients and workers both reported expanding their contacts and networks by including e-mail and Facebook for arranging dates:.

I also have contact with guys on Facebook. I add them as a friend. While online sex work facilitated significant protective strategies for the majority of participants, the criminalized and stigmatized nature of sex work meant that sex workers had access to few workplace protections in cases where prospective clients may be deceptive about their identity online. A concern among some participants was false online profiles, which make it difficult to trust clients and increase the risk of unwanted encounters e.

One young sex worker indicated that he preferred to have an outdoor stroll where he could better assess his clients:. In the context of criminalization, the loss of community solidarity and lack of access to workplace safety standards has the potential to reduce opportunities for workers to look after one another, and may limit their contact with both each other and sex work services. When compared with the street, the advantages of online sex work were pronounced throughout the narratives, including the role of the Internet in reducing stigma for both men sex workers and clients.

The rise of the Internet has transformed sex work from a largely stigmatized activity to one that represents a more normalized form of work.

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A client describes his perception that stigma and the risk of violence are diminished online, as compared with the street:. And it probably makes you seem like a criminal. It just seems so illicit. Online just seems more in line with our normal everyday world.

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  4. It emerged from the narratives that the privacy and anonymity provided by the Internet significantly reduces the level of stigma typically attached to street-based sex work. Concerns over stigma and discrimination against people who participate in the sex industry were reiterated throughout the narratives, and many participants indicated that they were uncomfortable identifying themselves as being involved in sex work offline.

    For those who also experience discrimination based on their gender identity or sexual orientation, the Internet offers a more desirable avenue for sex work. I prefer e-mail. Because, a lot of my friends pick up my phone. The innocent one. The narratives corroborate the notion that street-based sex work is more stigmatized, and that in general both workers and clients view online solicitation as more desirable:.

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