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Just do something so that you are forced to meet more people than the ones you already know. A lot of guys find their boyfriends online , and the Internet is a great tool for gay teens.

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But meeting someone over the Internet will be a little different than meeting someone in person. For example, a lot of people cast a wide net when trying to meet someone online and it is possible that the guy who seems so interested in getting to know you is also sending those messages to a bunch of other people.

Plus, while people don't always represent themselves honestly in real life, it is in some ways easier to claim to be someone you aren't when you don't meet in person. Most people spend some time dating and getting to know a potential partner before they decide to move into boyfriend mode. Please don't beat yourself or get too gloomy if that happens.

A lot of teens of all sexual orientations want relationships and for some kids, it just happens sooner than it does for others. I just had three heartbreaking relationships in a row.

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I really want a boyfriend. I'm 16 and live in South Louisiana.

21 Reasons Why It Sucks Being A Gay Teenager

I'm ok with long distance and I'm really really attracted to goth and emo guys. Teens deal with important issues surrounding sex, drugs, alcohol and depression much more than parents might be aware off. These stresses can take a toll which is why we link so prominently to The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

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Bullying affects teens all over the world but within the gay teen community it can be especially hard. Everyone has a few questions they'd like to ask but might be scared or embarrassed to do so. Often these questions revolve around sex and health which cover everything from relationships and dating to depression, drugs and alcohol abuse. Luckily the anonymity that the internet provides can help you get the answers from real people found in our chat rooms. Contact Us.

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